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Previous Valuation Seminars

Speaker Presentations

2013 Valuation Seminar [new]


Temporary Severance Damages – Case Law & Valuation Strategies

Eminent Domain Trial Case Study – Erroneous Project Description Results in
Greater Compensation Despite Signed Right of Way Contract

Maximizing the Value of Publicly-Owned Property with Digital Billboards and
Telecom Assets including Cell Towers

Southern California Water Rights 101 –Everything Public Agency Real Estate
Managers Need to Know About Water Rights

Eminent Domain Goodwill Valuation Case Studies

Valuation of Telecom Assets Including Cell Tower Leases

2012 Valuation Seminar

Early Analysis of Partial Acquisitions: Minimizing Risk & Saving Dollars on your Public Infrastructure Project


Multi-Parcel Acquisitions & Case Studies


Conflicting Mandates & Instructions Between USPAP, Yellow Book, & Caltrans Appraisal Guidelines


Takings Law in the 21st Century, and Can the Redevelopment Void be Filled?


Public Agency Real Estate Managers’ Roundtable


How Does a Significant Change in Economic Conditions Affect Loss of Goodwill Calculations?

2011 Valuation Seminar

Valuation & Negotiation of Fiber Optics

Appraising for Litigation

Trial Case Studies

Valuation of Land for Alternate Energy Programs

Valuation & Acquisition of Goodwill

Design-Build Project Delivery

2010 Valuation Seminar

Loss of Business Goodwill in California

Trials & Tribulations of a Partial Acquisition

Eminent Domain Case Study: The Odyssey

Alternatives to Compensation in Billboard Removal

Appraisal of Partial Acquisitions for the Alameda Corridor East Project

2009 Valuation Seminar

Acquisition Appraisal from W to Z

Working with Appraisers and Other Experts - Making it Real for the Judge and Jury

Legal Issues in a Falling Real Estate Market

Square Pegs, Round Holes, and Easy Targets: What's Wrong with the Valuation of Special Purpose Non-Profit Properties in Eminent Domain

Lost Business Goodwill: Where Creativity Meets Reality

Valuation Issues in a Depressed Market: How Market Conditions Impact Eminent Domain Practitioners PDF from 3/24/09 Luncheon


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