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Previous Fall Seminars

 2013 Fall Seminar

Delivered 10.22.2013



2012 Fall Seminar Speaker Presentations (Program)

Getting Right of Way is Important; Getting Rid of Right of Way is Just as Important

Legal Developments Impacting the Right of Way Profession

The Condemnation of Underwater Mortgages: Will It Float?

California Battling Back

Relocation: Comparable Replacement Housing and Replacement Housing Payments

Incredible Shrinking Industry: Affordable Housing

Understanding and Using the Goodwill Valuation Report

2011 Fall Seminar Speaker Presentations (Program)

Consultant Management and Consultant's Management of Public Agencies.

Upcoming Projects with Major Acquisitions by LA Metro's Measure R Program.

Understanding the Basics of the Preliminary Title Report and Litigation. Guaranty for Condemnation Purposes.

The Death (and Rebirth?) of Redevelopment.

The Nuts and Bolts of Mediation.

Evolution of Business Goodwill in Eminent Domain: An Appraiser's Perspective.

Real Estate Appraisal: Highest and Best Use Analysis and Case Studies.

Phase I and II Environmental Assessments During Right of Way Acquisition.

2010 Fall Seminar Speaker Presentations

CEQA Application to Right of Way

Exposition Light Rail Transit Project

Redevelopment Update Keeping Your Money

Interrelationship Between Goodwill, Relocation and Reestablishment

Acquisition Appraisal

101 Ways to Get Your Agency in Hot Water

Goodwill Forensic Accounting Issues in Determining Business Value

2009 Fall Seminar Speaker Presentations

SCE Wind Energy Project

Oil and Gas Well Issues

Hot Legal Topics

Real Estate Values

Monitoring the URA

Going Green

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