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March 06, 2014.



Chapter's News & Announcements


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What's New:

The slides from luncheon of 1/28/14 are posted here.

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Local Agency News ... / Announcements...

[your agency's announcement here]

East Los Angeles incorporation.


Local Public Agencies - We Want Your News! Please share any news relevant to the sphere of public real estate and Right-of-Way disciples, such as RFP/RFQ, project news, press releases, etc. Your news will be published on this web site and/or our Newsletter.

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Education Planning...

 Our course schedule is designed in a way that allows you complete all educational requirements for SR/WA designation within 3 years. However, if you need a course not currently scheduled, we want to hear from you - please contact Tom Hanley, P.E., Education Chair.

    We are very good at responding to members' feedback and needs. To date many courses have been scheduled in response to members' suggestions and/or requests.

Institutional Training available...

    If your organization needs Right of Way training for large groups, please contact Tom Hanley or Daniel Stekol, Business Development Officer, at IRWA HQ.

    For information on candidacy for SR/WA designation or professional certification, please refer to the appropriate Program Guide on the IRWA's Credentialing web page.



News Welcome - If your organization has newsworthy information and would like to have it published in the Chapter's Newsletter and/or on this website, please submit your news in the form of a "press release" to the Chapter's President.

New Members - You are welcome to submit your photo and a brief paragraph about you for publication in the chapter's newsletter. Discover the power of networking! See you at the chapter functions and events!

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For the Record... (some recent activity)


10.24.12 - This year's Right of Way Fall Conference, held yesterday,  was attended by approximately 80 Right of Way professionals. Slides from the presentations are available here.

5.22.12 - Congratulations to Kelly Kitasato, R/W-AMC on receiving the Professional of the Year Award! (more...)

4.24.12 - The Annual Valuation Conference was attended by 94 Right of Way professionals. Speakers' presentations are now posted here: Previous Valuation Conferences

3.27.12 - The Chapter conducted a traditional annual joint function with Southern California Chapter of Appraisal Institute. The guest speaker, Mr. Zoraster, talked about employment trends in Los Angeles County and their relationshios to the types of real estate which are occupied by the various employment sectors.  He discussed which types of real estate have enjoyed strong demand, and which types of real estate have experienced weak demand, due to trends in employment. A total of 84 members and guests attended the event.

01.24.12 - A.J. Hazarabedian, Esq., of California Eminent Domain Law Group, APC discussed "Strategies for Minimizing Litigation Expenses in Property Acquisition (While Getting Great Results): An Eminent Domain Attorney’s Perspective  

12.07.11 - Almost 170 members and guests enjoyed the       Tri-Chapter Holiday Luncheon yesterday at The Grammy Museum in L.A. Live. The event was appreciated by participants and sponsors.


11.03.11 - All presentations from the 2011 Fall Conference are now available for downloading - Enjoy!

10.26.11 - This year's Right of Way Fall Conference, held yesterday,  broke the attendance record. The conference was attended by 85 Right of Way professionals who came from all over the region, including Riverside, San Bernardino, and Santa Barbara Counties. This was a record breaking attendance. Most of the attendees were repeat and regular attendees, who recognize the significant value of this educational and networking event. Every surveyed attendee stated that the value they received in return for the invested time and money was several times the cost. Feedback from the attendees continues to pour in, praising the high quality of the presentations and confirming the great value of the event.  Congratulations on the success to the Co-Chairs Kelly Kitasato of City of Pasadena and David Graeler, Esq of Nossaman, who organized the conference! 

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Attention Candidates: If you were an SR/WA Candidate as of June 2011, see this important update from the Professional Development Committee going into effect in 2012. Also, see current Courses schedule.

September 2011. This is the fourth year the Chapter's leadership is doing it. To support the professional development of Chapter 1 members, the Chapter's Executive Board has approved 2012 Educational Scholarships for Chapter 1 members who aim to achieve the SR/WA designation or professional certification. Two (2) scholarships will be awarded in 2012 by the Professional Development Committee (PDC) to qualified applicants. Applications deadline was October 14, 2011. (official details)

Update: The PDC has awarded three (3) scholarships! The Awardees will be announced at the luncheon on January 24, 2012. (this update added on January 4, 2012)


9.27.11 - The quarterly networking luncheon and presentation were enjoyed by 73 members and guests. The slide presentation is now available for downloading from this page.

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Take advantage - Members' NEWS Welcome...

Chapter 1 members are welcome to submit articles of interest for publication in the Chapter's Newsletter. Technical articles may be subject to evaluation and/or revision by the appropriate industry committee.

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News You Can Use...


News & Updates...

 Industry Committees Updates

updated 10/16/13


Asset Management Committee:                                    

(Chaired by Kelly Kitasato, R/W-AMC)


C700 - Introduction to Property/Asset Management

C701 - Property/Asset Management: Leasing


C702 - Real Property Asset Management


Law Committee:                                                                

(Chaired by Michael F. Yoshiba, Esq. )


C-800 - Principles of Real Estate Law 

C-801 - United States Land Titles  

C-802 - Legal Aspects of Easements 

C-803 - Eminent Domain Law Basics for the Right of Way Professional


C-804 - Skills of Expert Testimony


February 8, 2012 Staff Report

Pipeline Committee:                                                         

(Chaired by Gary Valentine, SR/WA, MAI, ASA, CCIM)



C215 - Right of Way Agent's Development Program.


Engineering & Surveying Committee:                    

Update pending. please check back soon...


C900 - Principles of Real Estate Engineering

C901 - Engineering Plan Development & Application

C902 - Property Descriptions

Industry News...

2012 ISEC Fall Forum Report


Environmental Committee:                                   

(Chaired by Norman S. Eke)



C600 - Environmental Awareness

C600 - Environmental Awareness (online version)

C603 - Understanding Environmental Contamination in Real Estate

C604 - Environmental Due Diligence and Liability

C606 - The Environmental Process

C606 - The Environmental Process (online version)


Industry News...

Streamlined Environmental Review Proposed For Rail Projects [January 2012]


Local Public Agency Committee:                            

(Chaired by Kelly Kitasato, R/W-AMC)


C303 - Managing the Consultant Process

C304 - When Public Agencies Collide 

(download article: UGH!! Why doesn’t that other *%#^&@* agency realize I also am a public agency???)

Industry news & buzz...

Relocation Committee:                                                   

(Co-Chaired by Dionisio Marquez and Konstantin Akhrem, SR/WA)


Committee Updates:

Read legislative updates in August 2012 Newsletter (page 16)

Read Focus on Relocation in March 2012 Newsletter (page 10)


C501 - Relocation Assistance 

C502 - Business Relocation

C504 - Computing Replacement Housing Payments

C505 - Advanced Residential Relocation Assistance

C506 - Advanced Business Relocation Assistance

more info...

Note: Relocation courses are not available online.



Transportation Committee:                                             (Chaired by Daryl L. Root, JD, MBA, R/W-RAC)

Committee Update:

On July 6, 2012, President Obama signed into law P.L. 112-141, the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21). The bill contains many provisions for streamlining and acceleration of project delivery. The implementing regulations are yet to be developed. See a 14-page Summary of Highway Provisions.

Industry news & buzz...

Monitoring the California High-Speed-Rail Project -

Link to US House of Representatives Transportation & Infrastructure Committee. 

Utilities  Committee:                                                         (Chaired by Mangione Mitchell)

Update pending. please check back soon...


Valuation Committee:                                                     

(Co-chaired by William Larsen, SR/WA and Bradford D. Thompson, SR/WA)

April 2014 - Annual Valuation Conference

2012 Annual Valuation Conference was attended by 94 right of way professionals from 4  counties.  


See full list of Valuation courses.


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RFP, RFQ's etc.

Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network

SCAG Vendor Portal

California Energy Commission 

Federal Business Opportunities

Doing Business with GSA 

Procurement/Project Info for Western Federal Lands

WANTED: Expert Consultants to Review Enforcement Cases. (California State Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists.

Contracting Opportunities - San Bernardino Association of Governments (SANBAG).

Doing Business with Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC).



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Recovery Update:

- L.A. County Recovery Tracker

- Caltrans Economic Recovery Website 


Notable Right-of-Way Projects:


California’s High-Speed Train Project



The California High-Speed Rail Authority is developing an 800-mile high-speed train system that will operate at speeds of up to 220 miles per hour, connecting the state’s major urban centers, including the Bay Area, Fresno, Los Angeles and San Diego. Initial infrastructure construction will begin in the Central Valley, the backbone of the system, in 2012. The project is being funded through a voter-approved state bond, federal funding awards and public-private partnerships.

(Project map - PDF file.) (Visual Tour )

Shortcuts to CHSR Updates by Segment:

 - Palmdale - Los Angeles

 - Los Angeles - Anaheim

 - Los Angeles - San Diego


METRO in the works...


 - Expo Line Project Introduction & Updates

 - Expo Line News

 - Expo Line fly-through visualization

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

- Top Ten Lessons Learned from the Expo  Line [CityWatch 9.15.11]

 - Expo Means Jobs   (CityWatch)

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Caltrans Strategic Plan 2007-2012 (PDF)

  (plan overview, 2 pages)

Caltrans Projects - District 7

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


The Buzz...


If You Liked Measure R, You'll Love Measure R Plus! - [blogpost 2.06.2012]

Los Angeles eyes China for transit funding... - [blogpost 1.30.2012]

What's the big deal about the measly $ 9.1 Billion?.. [Gideon's Trumpet]

Transit Oriented Development in L.A. [ULI]  

The Future of Transportation in L.A. [Planetizen] 

Transit Oriented Development [Curbed L.A.]

TheTransportPolitic - Los Angeles Plan

Public Private Partnerships - High Speed Rail

Californians For High Speed Rail - Los Angeles-Palmdale Local Advocacy Team 

Californians For High Speed Rail - Los Angeles-Irvine/Anaheim Local Advocacy Team 

Central L.A. - Backbone Bikeway Network 

Modeling Los Angeles Transit Future  

TODs in L.A. [Planetizen] 




405 Freeway's path tells a story of near constant change. Includes really cool interactive historic/modern image viewing, must see! (L.A. Times)


Expo Line Compass Demonstration Project




Amusing.../ Amazing!..



Miniatur Wunderland - World's largest model train railway (may not be compatible with all browesers).


Metropolis II - an intense and a complex kinetic sculpture, modeled after a fast paced, frenetic modern city.











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