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Asset Management:                                    

(Chaired by Kelly Kitasato, R/W-AMC)


C-700 - Introduction to Property/Asset Management

C-701 - Property/Asset Management: Leasing 

C-702 - Real Property Asset Management


Law Committee:                                                                

(Chaired by Michael F. Yoshiba, Esq. )


C-800 - Principles of Real Estate Law 

C-801 - United States Land Titles  

C-802 - Legal Aspects of Easements 

C-803 - Eminent Domain Law Basics for the Right of Way Professional

C-804 - Skills of Expert Testimony


Oil & Gas:                                                         

(Chaired by Mangione Mitchell)



C-215 - Right of Way Agent's Development Program.


Engineering & Surveying :                    



C-900 - Principles of Real Estate Engineering

C-901 - Engineering Plan Development & Application

C-902 - Property Descriptions



(Chaired by Norman S. Eke)



C-600 - Environmental Awareness

C-600 - Environmental Awareness (online version)

C-603 - Understanding Environmental Contamination in Real Estate

C-604 - Environmental Due Diligence and Liability

C-606 - The Environmental Process

C-606 - The Environmental Process (online version)



Public Agency:                            

(Chaired by Kelly Kitasato, R/W-AMC)


C-303 - Managing the Consultant Process

C-304 - When Public Agencies Collide 



(Chaired by Dionisio Marquez)



C501 - Relocation Assistance 

C502 - Business Relocation

C504 - Computing Replacement Housing Payments

C505 - Advanced Residential Relocation Assistance

C506 - Advanced Business Relocation Assistance

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Note: Relocation courses are not available online.




Chaired by Daryl L. Root, JD, MBA, R/W-RAC)

Electric & Utilities:                                                         (Chaired by Gary Valentine, SR/WA, MAI, ASA, CCIM)



(Co-chaired by William Larsen, SR/WA and Bradford D. Thompson, SR/WA)


See full list of Valuation courses.


Interesting... /Amusing.../ Amazing!..


405 Freeway's path tells a story of near constant change. Includes really cool interactive historic/modern image viewing, must see! (L.A. Times)

Miniatur Wunderland - World's largest model train railway (may not be compatible with all browsers).

Metropolis II - an intense and a complex kinetic sculpture, modeled after a fast paced, frenetic modern city.

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